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Welcome to our An Elephant Called Rex site.

Tony Curtis
is a poet and writes books of poetry. Pat Mooney is an illustrator and award winning book designer. Together they have made this book for you. They hope it will be read, said, ranted and chanted in classrooms, bedrooms, cafés, libraries, parks and shared on journeys. If you would like to talk to Tony, Pat, Rex or Dumbo about the poems and illustrations you can use the 'Contact Rex' page and we would love to hear from you.

Dumbo says we should have called this a dogsite or an elephantsite. He says website makes them sound like we’re a gang of spiders. Oh dear!
Over the years Tony Curtis has visited many hundreds of classrooms and read and sung to many thousands of children. This book was written during his travels, and has been tried and tested not only in schools all over Ireland, but also in schools from Portree in the Isle of Skye, to Jerusalem, to Perth and Fremantle on the sun-washed shores of the Indian Ocean, to dozens of schools in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains in the U.S. After a reading in an elementary school in Anacortes, Washington, last year, one teacher reported:
“Anyone who thinks of poetry as quaint, as quiet, as something flat on a page has never witnessed a word artist work a classroom into a literary frenzy. That feat takes only minutes for irrepressible Irish poet Tony Curtis... The class explodes into giggles. What magic and power words have!”

Tony Curtis is a gifted poet and a great communicator. Teachers have spoken of him as “a fountain of words” awakening children’s creativity and delight. If you would like him to visit your school, you can contact him at his website: